Thank you for inquiring about our Hi-Performance Boats. Blackhawk Hobbies along with Performance International, Designs, Manufacturers, and sells models ranging from 24" to 96". Our scale gas models are now the most durable, dependable, and unique systems today.

The Blackhawk Hobby Line features ;shallow Vee's, Deep Vee's, Catamarans, Tunnel Hulls, and Hydroplanes. These various designs allow for powerplant choices such as single, dual, and tripple engine combinations. Along with these engine combinations, we also feature the most unique scale gas outboard which has been featured since 1994.

All of our hulls are made of Hand Laid fiberglass, and come with polished gel-coat finishes which require no pin hole filling or painting. On the interior, you will see resin coated Aircraft Plywood Stringers, Braces and Transom Plates which are used for extra strength and durability. Also, we feature custom paint schemes for your models ! We can do schemes from full scale Power Boats or your own custom scheme.

If you are looking for a smooth running Pleasure Boat, or a record setting race model, Black Hawk Hobbies has the boat for you !

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